Baricach pain is different for every woman

Women want to choose how they deal with bowel pain. They also want more choice than just the invasive spinal puncture or an infusion pump with analgesic medication. PhD student Trudy Klomp of midwiferyscience VUmc conducted research into the attitude of pregnant women towards pain management.

The barbell or upright - What is it?

If you are orienting yourself about your birth, you have probably come across the concept of bar stool or udder. But what is a barrel actually? What are the advantages? Why would you want to choose this? What is a uterus? A upright is a chair that is specially made to facilitate delivery.

The delivery begins - every delivery in its own way

The end date is getting closer. There are few women who give birth on the due date of their child. A normal delivery takes place at a gestational age between the 38th and 42nd week.A child is usually viable from a gestational age of 26 weeks. But if your baby is already born, he is still very vulnerable and he will have to spend a considerable time in an incubator.

The way to childbirth can be different

There is still a lot to be gained in primary care around childbirth, both in terms of approach and in support of women. This is stated by TNO student Marlies Rijnders, who will be awarded a PhD for effective interventions in primary obstetrics on Wednesday, 1 June. Few women referred during childbirth In the Netherlands, relatively many women are referred to a gynecologist for specialist care during pregnancy and childbirth.

Dead born ...

Not every pregnancy ends in a pink cloud of happiness. Unfortunately. It is not something you think about when you are pregnant, but sometimes your dreams are overtaken by reality and your life is turned upside down at once. When is it a stillbirth? You are talking about stillbirth when your child dies after the 16th week of your pregnancy.

Write a birth plan

You're pregnant. Maybe you've heard about it before, maybe not. Writing a birth plan. A birth plan is a clear document in which you record what your wishes are about the birth. For example how you want to give birth, whether or not you want painkillers, in which posture you want to give birth, whether or not to breastfeed or where you want to give birth.

Home birth? Make the delivery room ready in time!

You have opted for a home birth, a delivery in a familiar environment, but for this a few things have to be put in order and taken home. Your midwife can tell you exactly what you need for a good nursery and what you need to do. In any case, in good time (about 6 to 8 weeks before delivery) you have to purchase a maternity package.

What is a caesarean section?

Sometimes your pregnancy is not quite as expected, so that a natural delivery is no longer possible. Here are the following reasons: Your pelvis are too narrow for the head of your baby Your baby is in such a position that it can not pass through your pelvis (cross) The placenta is in front of the cervix The umbilical cord comes from the uterus emerge There is still no sufficient access but your baby is in distress Despite pain stimulants, the digestion does not progress Your baby must be rushed

Water birth - Give birth in a water bath

Have no idea how you want to give birth? Maybe a water birth is something for you! There are certainly benefits to a delivery in the water. Consider, for example, the warm water that can be relaxing. A water birth provides natural, lighting, but also warmth, security and peace.

Maternity leave - What are you entitled to and how do you arrange it?

A few more weeks ... then your baby will be born! At home almost everything is on hand, only a few things have to be done. You clean up your desk, say goodbye to your colleagues and pull the door behind you. Your maternity leave has begun. Peace at last! Why maternity leave? Maternity leave is mainly meant to rest, so you can prepare well for your birth.

Who makes photos during the delivery?

There are a number of days in your life that you will label as 'the most beautiful days'. The delivery of your children is probably one of them, besides perhaps your marriage, special holidays, the day you finished your house or your graduation. From all these days a whole range of photos is taken except ... of the day of your birth.

Hemorrhoids after delivery

Do you suffer from hemorrhoids after delivery? You are not the only one, about 70% of all women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy or after delivery. Besides the fact that they are very annoying, hemorrhoids are not harmful to your health. However, you may suffer from itching, a burning sensation and pain with your anus.