Pain relief during home birth

If you like home you have a limited choice when it comes to pain control. This is because most medications have to be administered under the watchful eye of a specialist. Yet there are a few methods of pain relief during home birth from which you can choose. I call them below.

Beginning of the delivery

As the weeks and months pass, the moment comes closer. The moment you give birth! Hopefully everything is ready in the house such as the nursery, clothes, diapers, car seat and the buggy. Now only your baby! During pregnancy you will probably have felt the discomfort of hard bellies a few times.

Hemorrhoids after delivery

Do you suffer from hemorrhoids after delivery? You are not the only one, about 70% of all women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy or after delivery. Besides the fact that they are very annoying, hemorrhoids are not harmful to your health. However, you may suffer from itching, a burning sensation and pain with your anus.

Turning baby at breech presentation

Breech presentation occurs in approximately 3 to 4% of unborn babies at the end of pregnancy (36 weeks). A breech presentation means that your baby is lying down with his or her buttocks instead of the head. Originally it is the intention that your baby is in a head position, this brings the least complications.

Echo during childbirth to prevent complications

During the birth it can happen that the head of your baby does not fit well between your pelvis. The result: an emergency Cesarean section or you get annoying symptoms on your pelvic floor after delivery. To prevent this, it is good to determine in advance whether the head fits between the pelvic floor.

Storing stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord

Currently about 90 to 95% of umbilical cord blood is discarded after birth. That is incredibly a shame because with the stem cells from the umbilical cord blood various diseases can be cured. When you have just given birth you always get the question what to do with the placenta. At that time you can store stem cells from the umbilical cord and select placenta.

Pethidine as pain relief during childbirth

If you would like pain relief during childbirth, you can opt for a pethidine injection in addition to a spinal puncture or remifentanil. Pethidine as a pain relief is a morphine-like substance that is predominantly narcotic. You get this pain relief often in the beginning of the birth when you have about 1 or 2 centimeter access.

Safe with the car home from the hospital after delivery!

Most people may not immediately think about it, who think until delivery and otherwise not. But do you know what to expect after the birth of your baby? How do you safely go home from the hospital with the car after delivery for example? Have you already thought about that? We do! We met this question a lot.

What do you have to prepare at home for after the birth?

Basically you have 9 months to prepare yourself for the arrival of your little one. But still you get a little stress in the last few months. Have you already got everything inside? Are you really ready for the delivery and are you ready for after delivery? Think of your flight bag, the baby stakeout list and everything you need to recover as well as possible.

Generate childbirth

The closer you get to the due date, the more you will get your baby finally in your arms. That is why the last few steps of your pregnancy can sometimes weigh considerably. Especially if you have passed the 40 weeks of pregnancy but still do not have a baby. When you have 42 weeks on it, the hospital takes action and starts giving birth.

Indeling of the baby

In the last trimester of your pregnancy, the baby's descending begins. Your baby then sinks towards your pelvis. This process can take a number of weeks. It is also possible that your baby does not descend during your pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about, during the delivery your baby will still descend.

Prematurity: What does that mean and what are the symptoms?

In the Netherlands, 15,000 babies are born prematurely each year, which is about 8% of all babies. There is talk of preterm birth if your baby announces itself for the 37th week of your pregnancy and after the 24th week of your pregnancy. The older your baby is, the smaller the chance of complications. Parents of premature children, also called premature children, face an uncertain and difficult time.