Preparing babyshower

Have you been given the assignment to organize a babyshower? Then you have a very nice and perhaps a bit tricky task. Especially if you have never had or experienced a baby shower yourself. But do not worry, in this blog you will get useful tips so that preparing this babyshower is a piece of cake.

Bedwetting: you can do this!

Most children are trained during the day between 2 and 3 years old. Children between 4 and 5 years old are usually also trained at night and do not urinate in bed anymore. We talk about bedwetting if your child is 5 years or older and still can not stop the pee at night. Is this the case with your child?

Best walker for a baby

A walking chair is a chair that is attached to a large frame. There are wheels at the bottom of the frame. At the seat is a tray with often also some toys on it. Your child sits in the chair and can reach the floor with the cloves. By pushing off your baby can move in the chair. Super fun for your little one, of course, but the walker is quite controversial.

Cake smash photo shoot tips

Cake smash, do you want to give your little baby a unique experience and make a crazy photo for the invitation of the very first birthday party? Then organize a cake smash photo shoot! In this blog you can read what a cake smash photoshoot is, what the prices are of cake smash photographers and how you can do one yourself.

Constipation in a baby

Unfortunately, constipation in a baby is a common baby ailment. Especially for babies who are bottle-fed. Babies who are breastfed generally suffer less from constipation. The cause is often not known, but it is probably because the stomach-intestinal system of your little one is still fully developed.

Colon cramps

Intestinal cramps is a common baby ailment in babies between 6 weeks to 4 months old. Usually babies that are 6 months old do not suffer from colic or stomach cramps. Intestinal cramps are not dangerous, but very annoying for your baby and also for the parents. At the moment your baby feels cramps, the muscles of the intestinal wall are contracted.

The 10 most common baby ailments

Chances are that your baby will have to deal with one or more of these most common baby ailments. Most can not hurt and will heal over time. Yet you can always be shocked. Especially if you are a brand new parent, it is always helpful when you are a little sick and suffer from a baby ailment.

Choose the best stroller! What are you watching?

It may seem like a job that you can clear: buy a pram. Until you go looking and find out that there is not one pram, but there are 5 species. And they also have other types of wheels, folding systems, price range, accessories and are suitable for other ages.

Stimulate the development of the baby

Your little baby learns a lot from birth right away. Most of it goes unconsciously, but as time goes by, your baby also learns consciously. Babies love to learn and discover new things. At the moment your baby turns 1 year, he or she already has twice as much brain volume than just after birth, with countless connections between the brain cells.

The fifth disease with your baby or child

Do you see pink red spots all over your child's body at one point? That can be an indication of the fifth disease in your baby or child. In most cases your child does not suffer much from this and after a week to 10 days it goes away again. No reason for panic, but it is always nice to know more about it.

Diarrhea in a baby

Diarrhea in a baby is fairly common. So it is not something to worry about immediately. Your baby has diarrhea if he or she has thin to water-thin stools several times a day. Usually within a day or 2 again, but it is still good to keep an eye on.

Things you should never do as a parent!

Being older is certainly not easy. No matter how well you try to prepare yourself: in reality you will face surprises every day. Especially when you are a 'freshman' with parenting. To save you some misery, we have listed below a number of things that you should never do as a parent.