Your baby's health - What should you pay attention to?

The health of your baby - How do you keep your baby as healthy as possible? Of course you find good health for your child the most important thing. But what does a newborn baby look like? And are those red spots harmful? When is the heel prickle given? When should I go to the doctor or not?

The skin of your baby

If your baby is just born, his skin is not yet perfect. Your baby's skin may be a bit crusty, lumpy or even a bit flaky. It does not yet resemble the 'baby skin' that is spoken proverbially. Regular results occur, baby acne, because the hormonal system of your child still has to properly arrange.

The hygiene of your baby - What should you pay attention to?

The hygiene of your baby - What should you pay attention to? Your baby is lying comfortably in your arms, you look at him in awe. You realize that it is time to wash him. The first week everything went well, the maternity nurse was there to help you. But the maternity days are over and now you can do everything yourself. But how did it go with all those rules about good hygiene?

The favorite cuddle - If you do not lose it!

The favorite cuddle - Your baby cries uncontrollably. He must actually go to sleep, but he will never do this without his 'tuttebellie'. But where did that stupid thing go? You have seen him an hour ago, while eating. You took it away and put it away. But where? Because of the loud howling, your mind does not seem to be able to come up with a clear idea anymore.

Your baby's routine - What does his day look like?

After a month or three, your child's nervous system is just about fully grown and you will notice that he is increasingly finding his own rhythm. During the day he will stay awake a bit longer and more and more often take a nap at the same time. He will also discover more ways to comfort himself and he prefers to have his food for the same time.

The safety check - Your house as a safe place

From a month or six it is important to submit your home to a safety check. Your child will not only become bigger and smarter, but also more mobile! Maybe he is already shoving around? Maybe he is already starting to crawl? If he does not do it yet, it can change from one to the other at once.

Down syndrome - What is it and how does it arise?

About 200 babies with Down syndrome are born every year in the Netherlands. Down syndrome is a congenital condition in which there is a chromosomal abnormality: trisomy 21. The characteristics of a child with Down are the slit eyes, a small snub nose and a large tongue. The head is a bit small and the eyes are a bit further apart.

Buying a buggy - What should you pay attention to?

A buggy is perfect for short walks or a quick message. They are foldable, easy to handle and you can easily take them with you. There are many different buggies for sale, how do you know which is most suitable for you? We put some tips for you in a row that you can take into account when purchasing.

First contact with your baby - What can you expect?

We have the first contact with the world before we are born. We usually do not count this time when we call our age, but we were already there. Women and men who are in good expectation know this all too well. The uterus enveloped us with a warm protective touch? When we showed our presence in the last weeks of pregnancy, our mother could sometimes relax us by - through her own skin - ironing our back.

Get first aid for teeth - read the tips to ease the pain!

Getting Teething: it is part of growing up your child. But what can the little one suffer from it! How do you know if the inconveniences are part of the teething? And what can you do to alleviate the pain? Read on quickly and discover everything about your baby's red cheeks ... When will teeth grow?

Photographing - You make the most beautiful photos yourself!

10 Useful tips from professional photographer Fred Kamphues, member of the SanDisk Extreme team, supplemented with 5 useful tips from us, to learn how to make the most beautiful pictures of your children, that unforgettable holiday or your loved one, of which you are already convinced is that he is a photo model! TIP 1: Think of a topic If you have made a bad photo, do not blame the camera, but first look at yourself ... photographing is a creative process.

Birth declaration at the Civil Registry

Birth declarations at the Registry Office must take place within three days after birth, by an (adult) person who was present at the birth. If the term of birth registration expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, then it is also allowed a day later, ie on the next working day.