Planning a newborn photo shoot

Your newborn baby is the most beautiful and sweetest baby in the world. It is only too bad that they grow so fast! Within a few weeks that tiny person is already a lot bigger and heavier. Do you want to be able to cherish those beautiful memories of that little new person forever?

When does a baby start talking?

Wondering when your baby is going to talk? In this blog we will tell you how language development runs on average. But keep in mind that this does not always apply to your child. What you can do to teach your baby to talk is by talking to your child a lot. In addition, there are some other tips to learn to accelerate the process of teaching your baby something.

Vitamin K injection for babies better than oral intake with drops

For a long time, the advice is to give newborn babies who are breastfed daily 150 micrograms of vitamin K drops in the first 12 weeks. The Health Council recently issued a new recommendation. Instead of drops with vitamin K, a vitamin K injection for babies is probably better to prevent bleeding in the event of a disturbed fat intake.

Crying baby. That's how you deal with it!

It can happen to anyone: a crying baby. In the Netherlands, about 15% of all babies have extreme crying episodes. In general, no obvious causes are known, so you can not do anything about it. The last thing you have to do is to doubt your self. And the most important thing is that you remind yourself daily that it is about.

On vacation with the baby

With a baby you really do not have to stay home all year round. You can go on holiday with the baby. With a good preparation you make the trip comfortable for your baby and of course for yourself! See below our tips for a holiday with the baby. We will also give you a handy baby checklist of things that you can take with you anyway.

Development baby 6 months old

It's been half a year since you closed your little one in your arms for the first time. Can you believe that your baby has already grown so much in the meantime and has already developed so much ?! You no longer have to support the head all the time and your child will even have dinner at the table! Cozy!

The 10 most common baby ailments

Chances are that your baby will have to deal with one or more of these most common baby ailments. Most can not hurt and will heal over time. Yet you can always be shocked. Especially if you are a brand new parent, it is always helpful when you are a little sick and suffer from a baby ailment.

Exit the loan during pregnancy

It is no secret that children cost a lot of money. Especially if you are pregnant with your first child, the costs are high. Think of things for the baby room, pram, high chair and all baby clothes. In addition, it is also useful if you have room for a new baby at home. To top it all off, a baby takes a lot of time and effort.

Whooping cough in a baby

Whooping cough is a disease caused by a bacterium (Bordetella pertussis). This bacterium produces dust that causes enormous coughing. Whooping cough is already very annoying in adults, but whooping cough in a baby is already pathetic. In addition, serious complications can also develop in your baby.

Babies are crying more in the Netherlands

British research has shown that babies in the Netherlands cry more than babies from other countries. Babies from Great Britain, Canada and Italy are also crying more and more often. Babies cry the least when they come from Denmark, Japan or Germany can be read in the report. Does this mean that the "complaining of the Dutchman" is already there from a very early age?

Tantrums of a toddler, how do you deal with it?

Your child is of course the nicest and sweetest, but sometimes that can change at once. When your little ukkepuk has become 1 year old small tantrums can occur. Tantrums in toddlers between 2 and 3 years are also common. This is also known as the 'toddler premiere' and is quite normal.