Baby model - My baby as a model, how do you arrange that?

Baby model - Your child as a model, what is involved? Most parents are at the birth of their baby under the assumption that they have produced the most beautiful creature in the world. Before the birth, a new photo camera is quickly purchased so that they do not have to miss anything of their new shoot.

Baby food - Breastfeeding and bottle feeding

Baby food - How much and how often? And which choice do you make? You probably already thought about it a lot during your pregnancy. Do you want to breastfeed your child? Or do you prefer to opt for the bottle. It is a choice that only you can make. But of course we can provide as complete information as possible so that you are able to make the right choice.

Baby swimming - a special experience for both

Baby swimming is a special experience for both. Most recreational swimming pools have a separate baby / toddler program on days when the temperature of the pool water is slightly higher than normal (average 31 - 32 degrees Celsius). In small groups, a specially trained swimming instructor guides the babies in their water games.

Make up your baby's bed

The whole baby room has been furnished. The crib is ready to put your child in. Just a little while and then it's time. You want to get everything ready in advance. The final details must be correct. Well prepared you want to go to the delivery. You are standing by the crib, with the sheets and the blanket in your hands.

Breastfeeding for the long term ...

The majority of women choose to breastfeed. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of women manage to breastfeed as long as they wish. This article contains the most important points to feed successfully. Put your child on properly Your baby will only get milk from the breast when he can drink well.

Consultation desk - Does the advice still work?

In 1901 the doors of the consultation office were opened for the first time in The Hague. It was a private initiative from the cross association to reduce child mortality. At that time it was shockingly high due to poor hygiene and hardly any information about infant care. Around 1920, more and more consultancies came to the Netherlands and young mothers made grateful use of this.

D-Link HD Baby camera even sees in the dark

D-Link introduces the EyeOn β„’ baby camera (DCS-825L). This reliable baby monitor with HD video is equipped with a large number of practical functions, such as temperature and sound sensors and night vision. The baby camera works via the WiFi network which prevents annoying faults on the line. Thanks to the handy mydlink Baby app, parents can view their baby with a click on their smartphone, PC or tablet.

Gut cramps in your baby

It is almost inevitable that your baby occasionally suffers from colic. Of course there are things you can take into account, but the total occurrence is virtually impossible. Fortunately, they always go over, but until then you are of course with a very sad baby!

Dew worm - What can you do about the itching?

Have you ever heard of dew worm? Dew worm itches horribly. It is not contagious, but your child can scratch his skin from the itch. Dewworm is a common eczema that occurs in 3-5% of infants aged 0 to 1 year. What is Dew worm? Dewworm is a form of eczema that is part of the atopic syndrome which also includes asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis.

The 10 most original baby names

After years of joking about the name of your future child, it is now time to really choose a name! Are you still in love with that one name that you've been walking around for ten years, or is it time for a breath of fresh air? Maybe you can not think of anything nice, or are the names you like already used in your friends or family circle.

The first days of your baby

The first days of your baby - You keep wondering Your child is born, everything goes well and every day you are surprised about what a beautiful thing is hidden in that little person. Surprised, wonder it follows each other automatically. Do not be scared There are a few things that are possible but that you should not be afraid of.

Breastfeeding for the first time

You will discover that your child will look for the nipple during the first hour after birth. You do not have to do much for that, because the taste and the smell show him the way. How this comes? This is because your nipple is covered with an oily layer. And this layer has a scent that is recognized by your child.