Save for your child

Saving for your child is very useful for later, because studying and living independently costs a lot of money. For your child it is very nice if you have built up a small buffer. There are various ways to save for your child. For example, you can open a savings account or give your child a gift for later.

Baby toys for on the road in the car

Going on holiday by car is sometimes a lot better than by plane. You can go wherever you want and you can organize your time yourself. In addition, you do not have to take anybody into account and it is also less of a hassle. So it is a matter of loading and unloading the car. Are you going on holiday with your baby for the first time this year and do you want to avoid having to listen to whining all the way?

Durable children's clothing and baby clothing

Now that the earth is still being polluted far too much and everyone is going to see that we all have to do something about it, the term 'sustainable' has become almost a trend in itself. In addition to sustainable cars, solar panels and electrical appliances, durable children's clothing brands are also available.

Sunglasses for babies

What have we had again beautiful weather the past few days! Nice, sunny weather is really enjoying, but do not forget to take good precautions for yourself and of course for your baby. You should never forget to put your little one in well and also: put your baby sunglasses on when you go outside.

Baby monitor buying tips

Buying a baby monitor, what do you have to pay attention to? The developments for baby monitors do not stand still. Nowadays, besides baby monitors, there are also picture baby monitors, internet baby monitors and IP cameras that can be used as baby monitors. The first thing you can ask yourself is whether you want only sound or image and sound.

Your baby learn thumbs or a teat?

Babies have developed a suction need before birth. That is why babies are also called infants. The sucking need is necessary to be able to drink after birth, otherwise your baby would not know what to do with a bottle or your breast. Sometimes the sucking need seems insatiable even after feeding.

Your child or toddler do not want to sleep

Sleeping should actually be a moment of rest, but some children see it very differently. The problem of the child or the toddler does not want to sleep regularly. The causes of sleep problems are not always clear, but fortunately there are a number of methods that you can use as a parent to get your night's sleep back.

Stimulate language development in your baby

From the moment your baby is still in your stomach you can start stimulating the language development. Research shows that babies of parents who talk a lot against and with their baby start talking faster than other babies. Read here how you can stimulate the language development and speech development of your baby in a fun way.

Colon cramps

Intestinal cramps is a common baby ailment in babies between 6 weeks to 4 months old. Usually babies that are 6 months old do not suffer from colic or stomach cramps. Intestinal cramps are not dangerous, but very annoying for your baby and also for the parents. At the moment your baby feels cramps, the muscles of the intestinal wall are contracted.

Cake smash photo shoot tips

Cake smash, do you want to give your little baby a unique experience and make a crazy photo for the invitation of the very first birthday party? Then organize a cake smash photo shoot! In this blog you can read what a cake smash photoshoot is, what the prices are of cake smash photographers and how you can do one yourself.

Unlearn the thumbs of the baby

Babies naturally have a very strong suction need. In order to satisfy this need, babies also often get their thumbs, some of them even in the womb! In the first 6 months, thumbs are not wrong at all and just right. After these months it loses its function and you can start a difficult task: unlearning the thumbs.

Development baby 4 months old

If the pregnancy had also passed as quickly as the past few weeks, you would have been spared a lot of frustration and impatience. Your baby is already 4 months old! You say it! A lot will change from this month. So you can start with exercise snacks, you can enjoy the laughter of your baby and it is probably time for a cot because the cradle is too small.