Baby in the bath

If your baby is about 2 or 3 days old, it is time for his or her first bath! Bathing your baby right after the birth or the day after is not necessary. In fact, it is better to wait a little longer. Your baby has a thin protective layer after birth and you can not wash it off properly.

Baby in the sun: Tips and advice to protect your baby

Nice and beautiful weather in the Netherlands we all cherish, so we go outside at the first warm rays of the sun. You and your baby can also enjoy the sun, but this requires some precautionary measures. No matter how nice the sun is, for your baby this heat source is not always good or safe.

Baby with a lot of hair

Most babies are born without hair or with a little bit of hair. And that usually ends up too. But not baby Theo. This baby, which was shown in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres, has an exceptionally opulent head of hair. And of course he is not the only baby with a lot of hair!

Baby Pumps: Bizarre shoes for your baby!

For a special occasion or for example a photo shoot, you want your baby to look the best. The choice of cute baby clothes is endless and there are also more and more accessories available. Think of beautiful hair bands, scarves and hats. Do you want to take your daughter's outfit to the next level?

Babies are crying more in the Netherlands

British research has shown that babies in the Netherlands cry more than babies from other countries. Babies from Great Britain, Canada and Italy are also crying more and more often. Babies cry the least when they come from Denmark, Japan or Germany can be read in the report. Does this mean that the "complaining of the Dutchman" is already there from a very early age?

Baby toys for on the road in the car

Going on holiday by car is sometimes a lot better than by plane. You can go wherever you want and you can organize your time yourself. In addition, you do not have to take anybody into account and it is also less of a hassle. So it is a matter of loading and unloading the car. Are you going on holiday with your baby for the first time this year and do you want to avoid having to listen to whining all the way?

Ford's baby crib sends baby to sleep during car trips

Do you recognize that: your baby can not sleep at night and therefore keeps you and your partner from a good night's sleep. At your wit's end you step into the car with your baby, because you know that a small car ride does wonders for awakening the sleep of your newborn child. This is probably due to the sound of the car and the swaying movements.

Create baby diary with an app or book

When your little baby is finally born, you want to take a picture of every gesture. What is he super cute !! All those photos and videos are then on your phone, tablet or laptop and soon you lose the overview. So you will not know in a few months when your little one first had to laugh, bathe or daddy was spat out.

Baby monitor buying tips

Buying a baby monitor, what do you have to pay attention to? The developments for baby monitors do not stand still. Nowadays, besides baby monitors, there are also picture baby monitors, internet baby monitors and IP cameras that can be used as baby monitors. The first thing you can ask yourself is whether you want only sound or image and sound.

Create a baby room, read our tips

Being pregnant, especially for the first time, brings with it many tensions. And besides this miracle of being pregnant, it is also necessary to set up a beautiful and practical baby room. For many women (and men) this can cause a lot of stress and can also cost a lot of time and money. It is of course very nice when you decorate the baby room to use a lot of color and figures.

Baby room decor? Follow these 5 handy steps!

As a brand new mother, you are of course on a pink cloud. Delicious, such a sweet little one on the way. But there is also a lot involved. Which pram do you choose? Will your child go to a day care center? How many clothes do you buy? Which diapers are the best? And how are you going to do the nursery decor?