Most popular baby names from 1990

Are you born in 1990? Then chances are that your name will appear in the list below with the most popular baby names from 1990! The year 1990 was also the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an event that is always in the history books. But this "of course" does not fall into the other important event: your birth!

Obesity in babies

Unfortunately, obesity is increasingly common among babies and children. In most cases it has to do with an excessive intake of energy (food), too little exercise and wrong food (a lot of fat and sugar). In some cases, obesity is caused by hereditary factors and you can not really do anything about it.

10 minutes rule in babies

It is a controversial rule, but it can sometimes really help: the 10 minute rule in babies. In short, it means that you let your baby cry for 10 minutes before you go to your child again. Some parents find this a cruel rule, but there are also parents who certainly benefit from it. After a few nights they can already notice that their baby is falling asleep sooner.

10 Tips for a Christmas dinner with toddlers

Christmas with toddler does not have to be a drama, as long as you do not set too high expectations for your toddler. It is important that you ask yourself well what you can ask of your toddler and what is actually unrealistic. If you also make it fun for your toddler, you are completely baked with Christmas!

10 common mistakes in raising your child

Educating your child is a difficult task. What we all want most is that our children are happy and make some of life. Education plays a role in this, but finding a good balance is not always easy. The basis of every upbringing must be love, guidance, stimulation and support.

8 things that every girls mama recognizes!

8 Things that every girls mama recognizes. I'm sure! Because you are a girls mommy or do you expect a girl? Read here what you can expect when raising girls and life with girls thanks to the typical girl behavior. 8 things that every girls mama recognizes! You soon buy too many items and clothes.

8 Reasons why bringing up girls is easier!

Men and women, boys and girls: we are and remain very different. And not only do you notice these differences with your own partner, but with your children you also notice that the upbringing of girls is very different from that of boys. There are even parents who claim that raising girls is easier.

Buying a car seat tips, what do you have to pay attention to?

The safety of your child is of course in the first place. It is therefore essential that you purchase a good car seat. Not every seat can be used in every car and not every child seat is suitable for every child. Below you will find a number of important tips that you can look out for when buying a car seat, so that your child is optimally protected.

Baby acne: The cause and what can be done about it?

After 9 months of waiting you can finally take your baby in your arms and show off with it. But in one go, several pimples and pimples appear. What that is? That is baby acne and occurs regularly in young babies. Besides that it is not very beautiful, it is fortunately not dangerous for your baby.

Baby bouncer: From what age and is it dangerous?

A popular bouncer for young babies is the baby bouncer. Only the name sounds very cute and cozy. The baby bouncer experience of many a parent is that it is a nice and fun chair, but please note: there are small risks to it. If you take this into account, almost nothing can happen and your baby can also 'bounce' in the bouncer.

Making a baby photo book: that's how you stop the time!

Getting children is a great experience for every parent, but sometimes the time is very fast. Little ones grow very fast and before you know it they take their first steps, they say their first words and they eventually go to school. Time flies, but by making a baby photo book of your little one, you can still stop him!

Baby sign language! Does that really work?

In America it has been popular for some time: teach your baby sign language so that your child can indicate more quickly what he or she wants. The baby could express gestures sooner than a baby says the words. This saves your baby (and you) a lot of frustration because you can understand each other better and earlier.