In 8 steps out the door with your baby

A quick pick up in the supermarket or half an hour before your appointment to get up from the bank and come on time: this was all fine. But now that you have a baby, it takes a little longer before you are out with your baby. In this blog we will give you some points that you can take into account.

Development baby 6 weeks old

The developments of your 6-week-old baby are gradually becoming more visible and audible. Because in addition to crying, your baby also increasingly produces other sounds such as 'oohhh' and 'uuuuhhh'. Nice opportunity to really talk to your baby now. Watch out for colic and regular days from this week.

Growth curve of your baby

Do you want to know if your baby, toddler or toddler is growing well and has a healthy weight for his or her age? Then keep an eye on the growth curve of your baby. The growth curve or growth diagram shows the average developments in growth and weight of children in the Netherlands of various ages.

Leaving your baby alone is not okay! Yet?

A quick way to the supermarket to get bread, pick up your other child from school, or quickly leave the dog you can forget if you have a baby. Before you leave the house with your baby, you are about 30 minutes away. Just read the door with your baby in 8 steps. What do you have to do then? Do you have to wake up your baby and drag it into the car against his or her wishes?

Learning to crawl

A very nice and fun milestone in the young life of your child is learning how to crawl. Because crawling is an important step towards walking. When your baby is going to crawl can vary greatly per child. Some babies first go for a tiger or on the bill sliders before they learn to crawl. And again, others are crawling all over!

Take out a death insurance policy at the birth of your child

The birth of your child is perhaps the most beautiful moment in your life. Just as soon after giving birth a lot of new parents come to see you as brand new parents. As parents, you feel responsible for the welfare of your son or daughter. So you wonder if you have arranged everything well if you happen something.

Stem cells from milk teeth

Stem cells are cells in our body that can develop in different types of cells. So other cells can arise from a stem cell. They are therefore mainly used to repair damaged tissue or body cells. This requires a stem cell transplant. Currently these stem cells are extracted from the bone marrow, which is often a very painful procedure.

Meconium, the first feces of your baby

The very first stool of your baby is called meconium. In most cases you see this stool when you change the diaper of your new son or daughter for the first time. But it can also happen that your baby in the womb already has the first stool. In most cases this can not hurt, but when your baby inhales amniotic fluid with meconium, it can become dangerous.

Open your savings account for your baby

Opening a savings account for your baby has many advantages. So you always have money behind you to pay expenses for school, study or driving license. But also to give your child the best start to realize his dreams. Because let's be honest: children are not cheap and as they get older you will incur more costs.

Borrow money for the baby room

As soon as you are pregnant you will soon start to incur extra costs. Think of maternity wear, pregnancy bras and additional health insurance. This is only the start, because the costs of the baby stuff and baby room will be much more. Are you a bit cramped and do you think that you will not be able to pay all the baby stuff for the baby room?

Birthmarks: What are they?

About 50% of all babies do not have smooth skin, but some spots on the skin. These can be pink / red, purple or brown in color. These are called birthmarks. Read here which birthmarks occur most, how they look and whether they are dangerous. What is a birthmark? A birthmark is a spot on the skin of the baby where there is a skin abnormality.

10 Tips for a Christmas dinner with toddlers

Christmas with toddler does not have to be a drama, as long as you do not set too high expectations for your toddler. It is important that you ask yourself well what you can ask of your toddler and what is actually unrealistic. If you also make it fun for your toddler, you are completely baked with Christmas!