Popular baby names of 2017

Every year the SVB (Social Insurance Bank) presents the most popular children's names of the past year. Also curious about the most chosen baby name of 2017? For a young boy number one is Noah (635) and for a girl in 2017 it was named Emma (755). For boys, the difference between number one and number two is only minimal (only 4 difference).

Most popular baby names from 1990

Are you born in 1990? Then chances are that your name will appear in the list below with the most popular baby names from 1990! The year 1990 was also the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an event that is always in the history books. But this "of course" does not fall into the other important event: your birth!

Touch is a language that even the youngest child understands

Who cares for children touches them. Every touch conveys a message, from adult to child and vice versa. In 'What do you say, the language of the body in the care of children', teacher haptonomy Inga Mol describes how you can 'understand' the body language of a child and what you yourself 'say' with a touch.

Need other food for your child?

Some children need different food than the regular infant formula. After all, no child is the same. That is why there are different foods available for infants: If your child is always hungry and it looks like he does not have enough of his diet (restless, crying, waking up regularly, making a dissatisfied impression) it may be that your child needs to food that is more saturated.

Fear of vaccination due to ignorance

The current generation of (prospective) parents often knows the diseases against which they are vaccinated only by name. They often do not know how serious these diseases can be, because these diseases, due to the National Immunization Program (RVP), hardly ever occur. This means that the fear of these diseases has diminished and the fear of possible side effects of vaccinations can get the upper hand.

Au pair - How do you arrange good for your children?

Au pair How do you arrange good for your children? You come home from work exhausted and plop down on the couch. Your boss seemed to think you had two pairs of hands and spread a strong sample of delegation. Your close colleague did not stop gossiping about Gerdy from the other department.

Car seats: you can safely come home with that

Car seat: What should you pay attention to? Apart from the fact that the use of car seats for small children is mandatory by law, you naturally want your child to be transported safely. When you give birth in the hospital, you will not even have your child with you, if you can not show a car seat! Whether or not you are going to use it.

Baby in the sun, but how do you protect him?

Of course you have to expose (very young) children (up to three years) as little as possible to the sun. But prevention is often not the case. In the spring and summer we are often outside and your child too. After all, the sun is an indispensable source of energy and works wonders for our mood. Yet in the sun? Then ensure the right protection!

Baby whisperer: Sentence or nonsense?

Baby whisperer: Sentence or nonsense? What is a baby whisperer in fact and what does he do? Tiring crying babies, a toddler with a gigantic tantrum or brother and sister who are already beating, kicking, pinching and screaming, almost every parent has wondered where it went wrong.

Baby ailments - inflamed eyes

Oh yeah, there's a lot of stuff coming out of your child's eyes! Just like that, suddenly. Yesterday there was nothing wrong and today he suddenly has dirty eyes. What is going on? No matter how well you take care of your child, it can happen that he suffers from inflamed eyes. Despite the fact that your baby's eyes are protected by eyelashes and eyelids, it is unavoidable that a few dust particles are whirled into their eyes.

Baby massage - deepening the bond with your baby

Touch means contact, touch is important. You long for this, but your baby too! Baby massage is a good way to give substance to this. You can massage your baby from birth or even during pregnancy. The skin contains millions of touch-sensitive receptors and in the uterus the skin of your baby is the most important means of communication.

Baby sizes - What size does my baby have?

You want to go shopping for the baby in your stomach, or maybe you want to buy a nice outfit for your best friend who is about to give birth, but what kind of size does a baby actually have? Of course, all children are different and one baby is larger than the other, but we have compiled a clear size table here, with average sizes.