Many boxes # blog12

My little girl is not a mathematician. As a business administrator, that is occasionally a swallowing course.
I always joke that I am better off with figures than with people, to hide my social clumsiness, but Neline is more of a practical lady and when she has money in her hands she understands it fine, but on a piece of paper with some scribbles on it and then all those 'useless' questions is clearly not her thing.

She is not stupid, because she has an average IQ of 115. She can feel stupid, because the education system does not like her, and she often suffers from her dissatisfaction.


Her face is on thunder when she comes home from school and I ask how school was today? They had the math test. Oh dear, I think, that explains the thundercloud that hangs around her. That will not have gone so well.

Still, a faint smile appears on her face and she says: "Yes, Mom, there was a question with how many boxes I saw and then I gave" many boxes "as an answer, huh!"


For a moment I have to laugh at her ingenuity, but at the same time I can not laugh too loud. It is a bit rebellious, but she does not have that strange. Both her father and I could do something about that. So I have to laugh skipper between her mischievous zone and my parenting task as a parent in which I have to limit her behavior. I decide to focus on her problem with the assignment and try to find out what the difficulty was. There is a lot of unintelligible babbling, but no clear answer. "Illogical" is the only thing I can understand. "It's illogical for you, for the maker it was probably very logical," I say.


Although the given answer is "many boxes", of course quite abstract and quite subjective, -which is one for many boxes, that is not the case for another-, of course, it is not a practical answer, of course. evaluator at the Cito test think differently.

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