Popin 'Cookin' - Henshin slime

In the Popin 'cookin' series we have already made donuts and ice creams. Today I went to work with this package to make edible mucus. Slime is of course completely hot, but in most cases you can not eat it. This slime is just to eat and that is double fun. Play with slime and eat it afterwards!

I bought the package for 3.95 at www.mostcutest.nl where many more types of packages are for sale. With this package I have been working for about half an hour.

What is it?

Kracie Popin 'Cooking' comes from Japan and its miniature DIY candy-making sets. This Gumi Tsureta kit is in the taste Soda or Grape and is very popular. With the magic powder you make long slime strings. Popin Cooking contains no preservatives and no artificial colors. That is of course nice to know.


If you consider that it is actually just a candy, it is of course quite a pricey candy. However, there is also a lot of fun in making and playing before the candy disappears in your mouth. If you look at it that way, you have a lot of fun for the money.

In the suit

In the suit you will find a plastic bowl with scoop, three bags (2x powder and 1x colored decorations) and two wooden sticks.

Extra requirements

Besides a little bit of water, you do not need anything else.

And now: Getting started!

What is the taste

The package is fun to make and playing with slime is always fun. Frankly, I did not find the taste to fall either. Actually, I actually liked the taste. It has a kind of sweet / sour gumball flavor. In any case, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.

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