Grandparents are more often called in because of the crisis

Grandparents fit their grandchildren more than before and because of the crisis they are even more often involved. This appears from an online survey by Plus Magazine among almost a thousand grandparents.
They do not mind: "I'm glad I can do it and it saves the children a lot of money."

7 percent of grandparents indicate that they are being hired more than last year because of the price increase in professional childcare. Usually it is a full day or half a day extra in the week.
If grandfather and grandmother did not help, four out of ten families should fall back on paid childcare and 17 percent of families should stop working or even stop working one of the parents, according to Plus research.

Sociologist Fleur Thomése endorses the need for helping grandparents: "Babysitting is not just a nice extra, but desperately needed to keep all the balls in the air in families."

72 percent of grandparents fit their grandchildren and almost half of the respondents do that one or two days a week. 78% of the grandparents who are turned in now are more upset than their own parents ever did when they were in the small children. Sociologist Teun Geurts previously discovered something similar: in 2006, grandparents were more often taken care of than in 1992. He explains this increase, among other things, because of the greater need for childcare because in many more families than before both parents work. Grandparents jump in to give their (clean) daughters the chance to go to work and continue to work. By doing that, these families save a lot of money.

That they can contribute a bit, gives grandparents a lot of pleasure. "You become so nice with the grandchildren; they think we belong too ", explains a Pluslezer. 80 per cent do not consider the appeal being made to be too big and 94 per cent endorse the statement 'I watch out because it's nice to see and experience the grandchildren.' Babysitting yields pleasure, happiness, appreciation and meaning.

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