Decorating Easter eggs

At Easter Easter eggs belong, but before we decorate it, it might be nice to know where this tradition comes from. Nobody really seems to know where the origin of Easter eggs is, so there are several plausible scenarios.

Pagan use

Decorating eggs may be a tradition that derives from the pagan belief that eggs symbolized the fertility and birth of spring. Among others in the Germanic sacred-tree cult it was customary to celebrate the arrival of spring by hanging eggs in the trees.
Not only the Germans painted eggs, even the ancient Egyptians did this and put them in the graves. According to the Egyptians, death was a transition to another life.

Egg surplus

Another explanation for the Easter egg is that it is related to the Lent, in which it was forbidden for Christians to eat meat and dairy. Eggs were also considered dairy products, so they could not be eaten. You can imagine that because of this an excess of eggs was built up and so it was just very practical to eat so many eggs with Easter. The old eggs were not eaten but decorated.

Fabergé eggs

The most famous decorated eggs are probably the Fabergé eggs. Or actually you can not call it an egg. The Russian jeweler Peter Fabergé created exuberantly jeweled Easter eggs for the Russian tsars: the Fabergé eggs. A total of 57 have been made.

Decorating Easter eggs

And now of course getting started! We have collected the 10 great tips together, so that you can surprise everyone with these playfully decorated Easter eggs. In every movie the steps are clearly explained and done, so that you can easily make it.
We wish you a happy Easter!

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