An accident is in a small corner. No matter how careful you are, no matter how well you pay attention to your child, something can always happen. That does not make you a bad parent, but it is of course important that you know how to react at those times. Because what do you do when your child is burned? Or when he has put a bead in his nose or comes home with a big scab on his knee? All of these situations that can occur daily but where it may be important that you know what you are doing! Accident injuries are always unexpected and can not be predicted. Being prepared never to know what to do, can sometimes make the difference between life and death.


The best thing would of course be that every (young) parent has a First Aid diploma and his own 'BHV'er' (BusinessHelpVerlener) is in house. Practice shows, however, that in most families there is no one with a first aid certificate. That is why we have placed these tips and information. Because it can sometimes be useful to know what to do. Of course in the hope that you will never need it!

First aid with kids

Cutting and abrasions


Objects in nose / ear


Choking / suffocation

Foot blisters

Toxic houseplants

Red stain pointer

Nose bleeding

First-aid kit

Whether or not you have a first aid certificate, make sure you have a well-stocked first aid kit at home. These are ready-made for sale in various price ranges. That way you always have the much needed at hand. If you have used something, keep it as a habit, and also refill it, so that you never misunderstand.

Video: 10 First Aid Mistakes Explained by a Professional

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