The mice

Fien does not discover one or two, but 80 mice behind the click. That in itself is quite a bit crazy, but if they then start talking again, that is really very bizarre. Not that they say a lot of different words. In fact, it is limited to 'San Fransisco' and 'Peru'. With that, however, a very special trip to America starts. A journey in which the mice keep coming.


A wonderfully exciting and funny book, with a funny mouse drawing here and there. It seems that the mice give clues and if Fien succeeds them, she ends up in the jungle with a master who is much more like an Indian. That sounds like an exciting adventure where the imagination is stimulated. A good book to read yourself, but to be read out for, of course, always stays nice.

Specifications - The mice

TitleThe mice
PublishingLemniscaat Publishing
AuthorLenneke Westera
IllustratorMarc Suvaal
Number of pages265
price14.95 euros

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