Willy Woef's birthday (reading story)

Willy Woef is a small dog who, like your toddler, discovers the world around him. Sometimes with trial and error, but always with a curious look. Willy Woef experiences the same adventures as your toddler / toddler. Willy Woef will therefore be so wonderfully recognizable for your child.
The stories of Willy Woef are short, written in rhyme and therefore read nicely.

Willy Woef's birthday is in this story. He can hardly sleep, so exciting he finds it! He may treat and there will be a visit!

Sleeping another night
Willy feels the jitters in his stomach
tomorrow is his birthday!
why does the night last so slowly?

He prefers to celebrate it now
because sleeping does not work
How can that be otherwise?
with such an exciting day ahead!

But eventually Willy disappears
to the beautiful dreamland
he dreams of parcels and cakes
and balloons in his hand

He wakes up the next morning
from party song all around his bed
and it turns out everyone
cheerful hats has been set up

They sing 'Will Willy will live long'
and from 'In the gloria'
and the songs all end
in a very loud 'HOERA!'

And then Willy gets a present
it is packed in red paper
he pulls hard on the big bow
and he laughs with pleasure

And if the paper is off
Willy sees a nice red truck
He wanted it very much
and he screams 'joehoe' of pure happiness

And after a big kiss to everyone
Willy jumps out of bed
because he wants to enjoy as much as possible
of this fun birthday fun
Willy is allowed to treat at school
all children get a cake
and his very best friends
come to visit in the afternoon

There comes the cake
everyone sings loudly
and little Willy
blows out all the candles at once

And during the blowing
Willy makes a wish, so nice
"I wish, I wish ... that I
every day may be birthday! '

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