Hair dye and pregnancy

You're pregnant. And of course you do not want to do anything that could endanger your child, but of course you want to continue to look as radiant as possible. And if you look critically in the mirror, you see that that outgrowth is getting bigger and bigger. You would prefer to run straight to the barber shop to have it dyeed. But is that actually justified? Can the chemicals in the hair color damage your baby?

Better not

As far as we have been able to find out, no negative effects are known. Nevertheless, the RIVM recommends that you can not paint your hair better during your pregnancy, especially during the first three months. There are a lot of chemicals in the paint and they are not good for your child.
Fortunately, less use is made of harmful substances, such as ammonia. But if you want to know for sure, check with the expert: the hairdresser.

Natural products

A hair dye made from natural products, such as Henna, is fine. However, please read the instructions on the package leaflet carefully to see if you can use the paint during pregnancy and how often you can do this as much as possible. Or you take a color shampoo, these are also much less aggressive.

Not harmful

Hair dye is not harmful in itself and the substances do not end up in the bloodstream. However, you can get an allergic reaction and that is of course not nice. Or maybe you get very sick of the smell.

When in doubt?

If you are in doubt, just do not do it. Because anxiety is stress and stress is certainly not good for your child. And that outgrowth? That will come naturally again after the delivery.
Discuss it with your midwife or hairdresser if necessary. They can tell you more about it.

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