Boxes and baskets

Chests and baskets - What possibilities are there?
For the funeral, a box or basket has to be selected. There is a large choice in the area of ​​children's boxes and baskets. Not all funeral directors are aware of the entire range, but you can of course ask for it. Today there are beautiful coffins, baskets, cocoons and wraps especially for babies and children.

Special boxes for children

The variation in baby and children's boxes has grown considerably in recent years. There are children's boxes in all kinds of colors, shapes, sizes, materials and price ranges available. There are even coffins in the shape of a car ...


The box can have a more childlike appearance by painting it. You can do that yourself, but you can also order them ready-made. With the help of airbrush, beautiful (self-supplied) images and color effects can be obtained.
A lot is also possible for the interior lining. You can choose from different colors, various designs, and patterns. Of course, it also applies here, that you can also make a coffin yourself, for example from a blanket that your child has underneath.

Examples of cases

Who is unexpectedly placed before the difficult choice of a coffin for his child, probably has no idea what is possible in this area. We have placed a number of examples here. The models shown are only meant to get ideas.
We have deliberately chosen not to place addresses of suppliers (and possible prices) since this section is exclusively intended to inform about the possibilities, without commercial purposes.
We would like to inform everyone as well as possible about the possibilities so that ultimately a good choice can be made.

Video: Plastic Storage Boxes & Baskets Collection

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