Breathing burial boxes for children

For some time there has been a special collection of coffins on the market. In her studio, named after daughter Anandi, Hennie Mestrum paints burial boxes for children with great love and dedication.

In her work she tries to express a feeling as much as possible. No complete images, but leave room for your own imagination that you can fill in yourself. A coffin that radiates endearment, comfort, emotion or protection can make the farewell more beautiful and personal.

The painting is made up of many transparent layers, details are applied in different shades of matte gold. This gives the whole something magical and fragile.

Case at sight

Atelier Anandi supplies crates throughout the Netherlands, and in consultation a box can even be taken 'on sight'. If one does not ultimately opt for the box, it can simply be returned. With this, Atelier Anandi offers the opportunity to choose in peace and quiet, so that later on one may think back with a smile.
A prayer card with a beautiful detail photo and a painted souvenir box are also among the possibilities.

Special wishes

Are there special wishes? In consultation a lot is possible but the available time plays a major role in this.
The coffins as they can be seen on the website, are available within 24 hours.
Of course it is never an exact copy, but the burial box will always be at least as beautiful, and unique!
Finally, the price; compared to the 'standard' boxes you pay about 250 euros for a box from this special collection.

Contact details

If you want to know more about the possibilities, you can contact your funeral director or directly with:
Atelier Anandi
Hennie Mestrum
Phone 06 - 20147726

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