Prohibited words (in the presence of a teenager) # blog54

Whipping, sewing, pipes, pulling are still very normal words. However, not in the presence of an adolescent. That is asking for trouble. When I say one of these words - or a variation of this - my adolescent suddenly turns into a live fire alarm. One moment he does not seem to hear anything but as soon as I say a "forbidden word," he screams and slaps his hands in front of his ears. 'I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT !!!' he shouts. Or something that looks like that, but what I can not fully decipher because of the enormous volume supported by a kind of fallow sound.

An alarm can sometimes be useful, but this alarm usually does not.


What is that with adolescents? The hormones rage through their bodies. I also can not avoid the impression that in that couple regularly exciting images are fantasized together, but as soon as I, or his (step) father says something that could have something to do with sex, then the house seems too small. Then we are brushing a bunch. Then we are 'ieeuw' or 'yek' or 'aaaargh'. Or everything at once.

Pull your pants down

Usually I try to pay attention, but it does not always work. Just for example. Rocco is standing next to me. He wears a sweatpant with camouflage motif. So one with elastic at the bottom. When he walks away, I see that his pipes - probably by cycling - have gone up a bit, giving you his pink / black striped socks (good combination with camouflage colors: NOT). I do not think that is a sight, so while he is walking away I say innocently: 'Pull your pants down for a while.'
You do not want to know how loud the alarm went off ... "AAAAAAH! MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, WHAT DO YOU SAY !!! WHAT SHOULD I DO???'

DAMN! Forbidden word, no even a completely forbidden sentence! Very bad! I mean of course your pipes ... Oh no, wrong! I mean, of course, you pull ... yeah, swallowed just in time! You know what? FIGURE IT OUT!

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