Hello hot dog!

The life of a hot dog is not easy. You can see that in this book. Are you just chilling between a few fries, on top of a soft sandwich, suddenly a hand comes at you! And that hand does not come to pet you. Nope. You pick up that hand and then ...


Well, the atrocities you can of course think of what can happen to that hotdog. That's what the hotdog understands. So he makes up everything to escape all kinds of atrocities. And it seems to be possible too! And then ... Well, everyone likes a hot dog!

Hello Hotdog! is a hilarious picture book, but with a message. "Who is not strong must be smart." Because hotdog knows how to start the dance again and again.

Specifications Hello hotdog!

TitleHello hot dog!
AuthorLily Murray
Number of pages32
price12.99 euros
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Video: SHAWN plays HOT DOG HERO!

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