5 times sweet pepper instead of ...

With more than twice as much vitamin C as oranges and no fat, sugar, carbohydrates and gluten, paprika absolutely belongs in every healthy kitchen. But how do you combine this vitamin bowl with everyday dishes? Time for Paprika shows you five surprising ways to add peppers to your daily diet.

Paprika instead of ...

… an Apple

Fancy a refreshing snack? Choose a paprika instead of a piece of fruit. Instead of an apple for thirsty, you just as easily grab a sweet pepper for thirst. And peppers can also be stored in the fruit basket.

… tomato sauce

The most famous pasta sauce is of course the tomato sauce, but you can also easily make this Italian classic with mashed red and green peppers. Add according to vegetables and meat and you turn a delicious spaghetti with super healthy sauce around your fork.

... smoothie fruit

Nice with the warm weather and also totally hip; the smoothie. One of the ingredients that belongs in every smoothie blender is the pepper. Choose the orange pepper to make your smoothie a little sweeter, because this is the sweetest pepper of all.

... soup vegetables

Vegetable soup, tomato soup, chicken soup - no, tonight you put a big pan with healthy, full bell pepper soup on the table. Is that something else and betting that the whole table will get a sign?

... sandwich

How can a healthy sandwich really be called a healthy sandwich if there is often no pepper on it? Paprika is a healthy sandwich spread for a luxury sandwich or a quick sandwich. Nice and fresh with, for example, goat's cheese or full of flavor on a warm lamb sandwich.

On www.tijdvoorpaprika.nl you will find delicious pepper recipes, which you can easily put yourself on the table. Enjoy your meal!

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