Kneipp Body Lotion Spray

I am a fan of Kneipp products. In my bathroom you can often find several products of this brand and I notice that Rob, my partner, also regularly uses it. Kneipp has another new product: Kneipp Body Lotion Spray. That sounds very convenient and that's what it is!

The smell

The first thing you notice about this product is the smell. OMG what smells good! Not dominating, not intense, but very subtle. There are different body lotion sprays, but I'm talking about the silky secret here. How the other (s) smell, no idea. The silky secret is in any case subtly subtle.

Pulls in quickly

What then strikes me about the spray is the contact time. That is nice and fast. And I like that, because as a mother, time is a scarce commodity, so you have to be very careful with it. If that is lost waiting, I will not be happy about that. That is not the case with this spray. Actually, it's pretty much 'spray, ready'.

Can a spray be nourishing?

Yes, that's possible. The Silky Secret contains softening milk proteins and the Patchouli variety as well as soothing patchouli oil also other nourishing oils. You feel the caring effect immediately after application. The sprays are without mineral oils and preservatives.

The advantages

We have already mentioned a few benefits of this body spray, such as the great advantage that the spray is so quick to apply and pulls into the skin. This saves time during the busy morning rush hour. The lotion does not feel sticky and leaves no white film on the skin. Out of respect for the natural skin barrier, the lotion contains no mineral oils and preservatives. The spray is driven on compressed air and not on propellant.

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