Beertje Anders

Do you already know Beertje Anders? This bear was born to help children between 4 and 6 years old. He experiences the same situations as young children and shows how he deals with it. Think of subjects like bullying, behavior and emotions.

He experiences everyday adventures in his booklets and makes it difficult to discuss difficult subjects for preschoolers. Young and old learn thanks to Beertje Anders, to bring more understanding for certain problems.

Beertje Anders

Beertje Anders is a creation of Herman Vos and Wenda Verkerk. They have been making Social Workability packages for years. In response to the request from teachers, playgroup leaders and also parents to teaching materials from young children, this bear has arisen.

The last e-book of Beertje Anders is about head lice. When Beertje comes home he suddenly has a lot of itching. Grandma Anders is going to see what is so itching and discovers the lice on his head. Grandma explains that all bears can get this. A medal is collected against the lice and the bear is helped by Oma Anders. At school the teacher will tell about it and the other children will also be checked for lice.

What is bullying

Bullying is not something of this time, it has been around for centuries. Probably as long as people exist. The term bullying comes from Latin, but the Dutch variant comes from the Pest disease. People apparently found bullying so annoying that they gave it the name of the worst disease on earth at the time.
The difference between bullying and teasing is perhaps a bit difficult to discover at first, yet there are substantial differences. When teasing there is always a certain equivalence. Both parties are well matched and can stand up for themselves.
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