Healthy recipes during pregnancy

Can I eat sushi now that I am pregnant? And what about brie, salami, sour cream and mushrooms? Which festive dessert is suitable for my pregnant guest? Pregnant women can not eat everything and they can not get too much from other products.

Sometimes it is not easy to continue to enjoy food when you are pregnant. Many desserts and sauces contain alcohol, salads often contain smoked salmon or tuna and sometimes you come across an ingredient that you do not know whether you like it or not.
During her pregnancy, Ursula Strik, founder AugurkenMetSlagroom, ran into this herself. "After my sister told me she was pregnant, my idea to set up a recipe blog for pregnant women gained momentum. I think it's very important that cooking and eating remain fun. The extra pregnancy pups and dont's in the eating area sometimes know that fun to be fun. While it is very important in the pregnancy to eat healthy and varied. "

Quickly on the table

PicklesMetSteak Cream now contains more than 50 recipes, from starters to desserts and from food with small children to quickly on the table. Both fish, meat and vega and even some vegan recipes. And the number of recipes expands every week. In addition to recipes, you can briefly summarize what you should pay attention to if you want to eat as pregnant meat, fish or cheese. Very handy!

Question marks in pregnant women

"When I look at the products that people type into search engines, I see that there is a demand for clear recipes," says Ursula Strik. "Especially specific cheeses, balsamic vinegar, crème fraîche, sour cream, salami, ricotta and mushrooms cause many questions. Fortunately, the person who 'helped, pregnant woman at the table what his forbidden products' came on AugurkenMetSlagroom! "

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