What's in a diaper bag? A handy checklist!

I'm going out and taking along ... diapers! I go out and take along ... diapers and wet wipes! I go out and take along ... diapers, wet wipes and a clean romper. I go out and take with me my overflowing, bulging diaper bag! I go out and have no idea what to take with me.

You go (for the first time?) With your baby ... What are you taking with you? Bring everything, do not have to, but of course you do not want to misunderstand. Therefore a handy 'diaper bag list' for a day out!


  • Diapers (for every hour that you plan to stay away, one nappy)
  • Moist baby (buttocks) wipes
  • A dry (terry) cloth to dry the bottom
  • Pillow or soft mat on which your child can lie
  • Spare clothes (something can always go wrong)
  • Cuddly toy or rattle
  • A spare pacifier
  • Wipe cloth (terry cloth) for his face
  • Bottles (with milk?)
  • Bottle of water
  • Bib
  • Foldable dressing mat
  • Blanket
  • Hydrophilic diapers (or tetradooks)
  • Medications (ointment against red legs, paracetamol)
  • Extra sweater or t-shirt for yourself (in case of small accidents during spitting or farming)
  • A (pedal bin) bag for the dirty diaper


Fruit or vegetable snack, spoon, pacifier, bottles of water, sunblock, hat or sun hat, plastic bag (for the dirty diaper), camera, telephone number, GP pre-programmed in your mobile

Traveling with the car?

When you go out by car, always leave your child in a good car seat. Apart from the fact that the law prescribes this, it is just much safer for your child!

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