Toddler food - Throw with food

Throwing with food, how do you deal with it and can you prevent this? Your toddler is eating sweetly and suddenly, he throws his cup through the room or flies his plate - still full of food - through the air. Nice to learn food yourself, but that mess ...!

There is a good way to ensure that your room does not turn into a battlefield of food leftovers, namely to give your toddler no more food. But yes, that is of course not an option. Fortunately, there are a few tips to keep it within bounds.

Tips: throw with food

Of course a meal goes faster and tidier, if you take everything away and keep feeding, but in the end it is the intention that your child learns to eat. It is even an important learning process. But do not expect perfect table manners from your toddler. In the beginning there will be absolutely smeared, thrown and crushed but your patience will eventually be rewarded. Fortunately, there are tips!


Put a few bites at a time on a plate. A fully charged sign invites you to mess up a lot more.
Use a children's plate with suction cups, which you can attach to the high chair.
Compliment your toddler if things are going well and do not make a fuss about a bit of a mess.
Stop the meal if too much is being tampered with.


You can not always avoid a mess, but you can prevent your beautiful things from being ruined forever. Put a tarpaulin under the high chair to prevent the floor from turning into a battlefield of food remains, put other furniture a bit further away. Roll up the sleeves of your toddler's clothes, put a big slab on or put your toddler's oldest clothes on (or, if the weather is warm).

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