Musical 'Netsep' - is not that great the other way around

The Musical Netsep is a musical written by Milou Pouw and Yvon Noltes for and by children with the subject of bullying.
It is a fun story, smooth and contemporary, in which fiction and reality intertwine. The writers hope that the story will contribute to raising awareness about bullying.

Musical Netsep: The story in short

Marcella is a young witch who was sent to earth with a mission. She has to mingle with ordinary people and do a good deed. With this good deed she can lift the spell that was expressed about her friend Bart.
On her first day of school, Marcella meets Anne, with whom she immediately makes friends. Anne is a shy girl who is regularly bullied and she is not the only victim of school bullying. Marcella is surprised about the fact that people are being bullied in the ordinary world of people. Then she realizes that this can become her mission. Ensure that bullying stops.
She can only take one person in confidence about her true identity. Furthermore, nobody really knows that she is a witch because otherwise her mission is doomed to fail. She needs to come up with a plan that is unobtrusive but that effectively stops bullying. Marcella finally succeeds in repelling the bullies without anyone noticing that she is a witch.

The music

The musical is framed by nice songs and music (composed and produced by KSK Productions). In the songs the point of view is highlighted from both the bullies and the bullying. The musical NETSEP can be ordered from theater publisher Grosfeld in Berlicum. The music of the musical can be ordered directly from KSK Productions.

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