Crafts for Halloween - The five creepiest knitsels for Halloween

Just a little while and then we screech through the streets in search of sweets and other delicacies! Preferably dressed in scary, creepy or exciting outfits. But before we start dressing up to the walking dead, we first start tinkering for Halloween, so that our house is transformed into a true haunted house!

Public holiday in the Netherlands

Halloween is a holiday that traditionally celebrated mainly in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Meanwhile, the party is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries.
For several years, it has been extensively celebrated in our neighborhood. Incidentally, only in one part of the neighborhood, so that the whole district comes to it. Many houses and gardens are decorated with ghosts, cobwebs, tombstones or other creeps. Wonderful to see, not surprising that it is crowded in those few streets during Halloween. You see in the course of the years that more and more visitors are going to dress more often.

Trick or treat

On October 31st, children dress up and ring or knock when it gets dark at nearby houses that are decorated with pumpkins and lights and call trick or treat, where the choice is made between victim of a tease (trick) or something tasty (treat, usually candy). The residents then give the children sweets.

Crafts for Halloween - Top 5

01) Fold Halloween pumkins

02) Make your own bloody mucus!

03) Witch head

04) Ghost

05) Cutting out the pumpkin


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