Baricach pain is different for every woman

Women want to choose how they deal with bowel pain. They also want more choice than just the invasive spinal puncture or an infusion pump with analgesic medication. PhD student Trudy Klomp of midwiferyscience VUmc conducted research into the attitude of pregnant women towards pain management. Klomp: "Most women prefer to give birth without pain medication. But they are happy that there are resources when they need it. "

In the Netherlands, women, their partners and caregivers pay a great deal of attention to dealing with birthing pain. An important aspect of this is the supervision during delivery by a midwife. Good and respectful help gives women a greater sense of control and therefore more satisfaction with their delivery.

Pregnant women and their partners usually receive a lot of colored information about giving birth and how to deal with pain in the bar. Klomp: "A birth is difficult to plan because it almost happens differently for every woman. Clear and honest information helps pregnant women to create a more realistic picture. A majority of the women also deal differently with the pain in the prison than they had indicated beforehand. "

Laughing gas is effective

There are more and more beaver centers / bevalhuizen where women can give birth in a domestic environment. Here they can opt for pain control forms such as nitrous oxide. Laughing gas is a non-invasive method that is easy to start (self-administering), works relatively quickly (within a minute) and is also quickly worked out (after 2 to 3 exhalations). Laughing gas appears to be effective and safe for mother and child and safe for caregivers in an environment with good ventilation and extraction.

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