The ten nicest craftworks for Christmas

A little while and then we are already at the Christmas dinner. With a beautifully decorated tree and maybe even with presents underneath. For the children it is really bouncing from one party to the other. In the month of December it just does not stop. It is therefore important to build in a few moments of rest. And then preferably nice moments of rest. And how nice is it to tinker with each other! Of course with a Christmas theme!

We were looking for the best crafts for Christmas!

Christmas decorations

In addition to the Christmas tree, there are plenty of Christmas decorations that can be hung outside and indoors, such as a Christmas piece or a garland on a chimney by the fireplace, along the front door or stairs. They can consist of candles or lights, Christmas balls, holly branches and so on. Placing a Christmas village is also becoming increasingly popular.

Snow globes for Christmas decorations and a glass candleholder with a tealight to make it cozy in the dark days before Christmas. Public Christmas lights are hung in many places, especially at a shopping center, in a shopping street or on a square. In Germany, a Christmas pyramid is set up in many places, in the house in a smaller version and on the market a larger one.

But this year we are going to make our own Christmas decoration! We just tinker them together!

1. Christmas cards

2. Christmas tree of pine cones

3. Christmas ball

4. Origami Christmas star

5. Snow globe

6. Snowman Christmas decoration

7. Christmas tree from a cardboard plate

8. Atmospheric light

9. Christmas hangers


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