Willy Woef celebrates Easter (Reading story)

Willy Woef is a small dog who, like your toddler, discovers the world around him. Sometimes with trial and error, but always with a curious look. Willy Woef experiences the same adventures as your toddler / toddler. Willy Woef will therefore be so wonderfully recognizable for your child.
The stories of Willy Woef are short, written in rhyme and therefore read nicely.

In this story Willy Woef celebrates Easter. His mother bought a nice bone especially for Easter, but he has to stay away from it for a while ...

Mama Woef had a nice bone
specially bought for him
but she told Willy Woef
that he still did not like him

At Easter with breakfast
if he could eat the bone
and until then, Willy Woef had to
forget about the bone

But when his mother did not look for a moment
he has not longed
and the delicious Easter bones
very quickly eaten

At breakfast at Easter
was 'sorry' the only thing Willy got
The rest had a delicious bone
but his sign remained empty

First they started to decorate the bone
and then they ate it nicely
and Willy was sitting there quietly
with only an empty cap ...

He went on his lap with Mama Woef
and began to whisper softly
that he in the sequel
even better to listen

And Mama Woef said, "Willy,
what you did was very wrong
but I know for sure
that you have learned your lesson "

Mama gave a kiss and a new bone
and away was Willy's grief and pain
but he had to promise her
never to be so naughty again

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