Couveous leave and transfer of maternity leave in bill

Minister Asscher of Social Affairs and Employment has sent a supplement to the bill Modernization schemes for leave and working hours to the House of Representatives. It concerns the transfer of maternity leave from the mother to the partner if she dies at the birth of the child. Thus the newborn is assured of the care of a parent in the first period of life.

Another measure from the legislative proposal, which is before the House of Representatives, is the extension of the mother's maternity leave during long-term hospitalization of a newborn child. She gets the opportunity from her employer to take care of her child for 10 weeks at home. The current maternity leave of 16 weeks is not sufficient in such cases to guarantee a full recovery of the mother.

Furthermore, the bill regulates that someone who works and at the same time cares for a sick friend or acquaintance is now entitled to care leave. At present, informal carers can only take care leave for a sick partner, child or parent.

The proposed measures are supplementary to the agreements made on the shop floor and within families. The aim is to make it easier to combine work and care. After all, more and more people have caring responsibilities. Now too many employees are working fewer hours because they can not adjust their care tasks to work. Some even stop working or become overloaded and report ill. Especially women are therefore still often not economically independent, which can lead to problems, especially when divorced.

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