Willy Woef celebrates Christmas (reading story)

Willy Woef is a small dog who, like your toddler, discovers the world around him. Sometimes with trial and error, but always with a curious look. Willy Woef experiences the same adventures as your toddler / toddler. Willy Woef will therefore be so wonderfully recognizable for your child.
The stories of Willy Woef are short, written in rhyme and therefore read nicely.

In this story Willy Woef celebrates Christmas. He can help Mama Woef with decorating the Christmas tree. And that is what Willy Woef really likes!

Willy Woef had today
very big fun
because he has together with his mom
the Christmas tree set up

Little Willy was allowed to help his mom
he even had blushes on his cheeks
because he was very careful
the glass balls hang in the Christmas tree

The result was beautiful
and everyone was happy
they stared at the beautiful tree
and mom made a delicacy

For fun
lit mommy all the candles
and she also had the lights
in the Christmas tree

Then she told about it
baby Jesus, born in a stable
and that poor child
it had nothing

Only a manger to lie in
and some straws around them
but with his parents very close
baby Jesus was not alone

After this beautiful story
they sang a song, with a loud voice
about the child that was born
in a stable in Bethlehem

And after this song
and the exciting story
exclaimed Willy Woef with a loud voice:
Merry Christmas all!

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