Recognition of unborn fetus - When should you arrange this?

Recognition of unborn fetus, when is this necessary? And why?
If you are unmarried, your child automatically receives the surname of his mother. The father can recognize his child, which means that he confirms that he is officially the father.
There are several ways to recognize your child.
The meaning of recognition of unborn fetus is to arrange the legal paternity of a child. Recognition can take place at three different times:

Before birth
At the birth declaration
After the birth declaration

In the case of a first child, you must both personally and simultaneously visit the Registry Office (district office) to have a recognition certificate drawn up. It is wise to do this during pregnancy, so your child (if desired) can get the father's last name. With a first child the surname is also chosen; this can be the mother's or the father's last name. This name selection automatically applies to all subsequent children of the same parents.
Every subsequent child must be recognized separately and preferably during pregnancy. If the recognition concerns a child of 12 years and older, the child must also be present at the drawing up of the recognition certificate.
You do not have to make an appointment for the recognition. Do take both of them a valid proof of identity. Unmarried parents of foreign nationality are advised to contact Bureau Burgerzaken in advance.

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