Freedom symbols and other sky risers

A pigeon symbolizes peace and quiet, hope and love. At the end of the funeral ceremony, at the grave, it is possible to release white pigeons. As a symbol that the soul of your child is free and allowed to fly to heaven. Of course you can also see it as a final greeting to your child ...


The pigeon represents the free spirit of your child. It shows that the spirit of your child goes home, up to heaven.
Especially for any brother (s) and / or sister (s), releasing the white pigeons can ensure that they experience the funeral more relaxed. The sight of these animals distracts them.
You can choose to release the pigeons at the funeral, but the same beautiful gesture is (for example) during the ash scattering.


Instead of pigeons you can also choose to let balloons (filled with helium) rise to the sky. Again this can be symbolically seen as: letting go, ascending to heaven, free flying of the soul.
All those present can let go of a balloon, but you can also make the choice that this is only done by another brother and / or sister, all children present, or only mum and dad.

Bubble blower

Just like the balloons and the pigeons, you can also opt for bubble blowing. In this case you can also choose whether you want to have all attendees blowing bubbles, or just a brother and / or sister.

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