Visit also irritates maternity

As many as one in four mothers are annoyed by the fact that maternity visits always stay a little too long to admire the newborn baby. Incidentally, these women are not the only ones who have irritations during the maternity visit. Certainly 9.2% of the visit appears to be clumsy when they are not allowed to hold the baby and see all the delivery pictures (7.8%). This is shown by a study by Babygiftcard.

The study was conducted among more than 12,000 pregnant women and mothers with children aged between 0 and 4 years carried out a number of remarkable facts. For example, 40% of the respondents think that a visit should not last longer than an hour and mothers are not happy with clothes that the newborn child will not be able to handle for the next two years. Eating mutton with mice we can continue to do, only 2.3% was annoyed by this ritual. Baby gift card listed the biggest annoyances for you.

Top 5 Annoyances of the mothers

1. Maternity visit that linger too long
2. Visit that comes by unannounced
3. All unsolicited tips and advice
4. Visite that his or her hands do not wash for the baby to hold
5. Visit that comes on too late

Top 5 Annoyances from the maternity visit

2. The pictures of the delivery that are always shown
3. The presence of others
4. That after half an hour the next visit is on the sidewalk
5. That breastfeeding is given in front of them

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