Paw Patrol beach day

My daughter was looking forward to it for days. She received the first SOS beach band today on May 21, 2018, on behalf of during the Paw Patrol Beach Party in Scheveningen. An annual feast where the Dutch Rescue Brigade in cooperation with the beach season kick off.

Lemonade and bacon

Large jugs of lemonade, baking with bacon, coloring, a bouncy castle, there was plenty of fun activities for the children. But, of course, the most important thing was the attention for the SOS straps that are available throughout the season at the various stations of the rescue brigade.

Kim Kötter

Kim Kötter took care of the presentation and received, in the company of her eldest son, a nephew and my daughter the first straps. They arrived in a real car from the rescue brigade and were greeted on the beach by Chase (the police dog of the Paw Patrol) many Paw Patrol fans and a lot of press.

Exuberant sun

And although the sun was still a bit shy behind the clouds in the morning, it was perfectly chosen this afternoon, because during the festivities he seemed exuberant!
What a wonderful day, now a tired girl on the couch who enjoys the experience and the goodie bag she received from

Video: Paw Patrol Mission Pups on the Beach Magic Sand

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