Experiences farewell - Loss of Laura

Our daughter was born on Tuesday, October 21, 2008, 10 weeks early and died after 3 days.
We had to wait a long time to get pregnant and were glad that it finally happened. Then you do not count on it that it can go wrong. All controls were good and suddenly I no longer felt alive.
Fortunately, the doctor still heard the heart beat and after visiting the hospital Laura was taken with the caesarean section.

At first it all seemed to go well, the doctors were happy to be on time and it seemed that Laura was going to save it in the incubator. The next day it turned out that she was ill and she went backwards and again.

It turned out that Laura had a bleeding in the brain. This was so serious that Laura died here the night of Thursday on Friday. You really do not know what happens to you. We really appreciated the guidance in the hospital and was also very important to us. We are actually still in the middle of the grieving process, together we can happily talk very well, but you notice that the environment finds it very difficult to respond. We have had a lot of visitors and also mountains tickets with beautiful texts, etc. That did us good. I started working again 2 weeks ago, which I still find disappointing.

I am curious about other experiences.

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