Organ donation

Maybe you have not even thought about it yourself, let alone for your child: organ donation. A very personal choice.
Some 2.5 million people in the Netherlands are officially donors. Yet it is unfortunately quite normal to have to wait for 4 years for a new kidney, for example.
Not everyone has been given this time ...

Your child can not decide for himself yet, so the question will be filed with the parents. A very difficult decision, because on the one hand of course you do not want to be cut into that small vulnerable body! On the other hand, his organ gift can mean the life of another child.
That way your child will pass through life and will continue to survive ...


Children under the age of 12 can not register their choice in the Donor Register. In that case, the doctor asks permission from parent (s) or guardian. In case of disagreement between the parents or guardian donation is not possible.

Not always possible

Not every child can become a donor, this also depends on the moment, the cause and the place of death. The body condition and the quality of the organs and tissue are also important.

Early stage

Organ donation in newborns is still at an early stage. No results or consequences are known yet, both in the short and in the longer term.

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