Crafts - A Sinterklaas light

Always fun to tinker together, especially in this exciting period of holidays. A great idea is to make a Sinterklaas light together. Nice to do and it is also nice to put down.


Glass jar with waxine light
Black paper
Glue and brush
Colored blotting paper in light colors

To work

Print this page for the pictures of Piet and Sint and cut out both figurines. Of course you can also cut a picture directly from black paper. It can also be something else from Sint: the bag, the horse, a spring, etc. To rub the jar with glue and stick the figure on it. Then tear paper into pieces and also stick to the pot. Only use light colors, otherwise you will not see the figure through them. When everything is full, brush it once more with glue to make it nicely smooth. Wait a while until it is well dry. Put a tea light in the jar and your lamp for Sinterklaas is ready!

To print


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