Memorial monuments

Memorial monuments - What possibilities are there?

The grave is the last resting place of your child. A place where you can come to mourn or remember your deceased child. A beautiful, well-kept grave is often an important part of the grief processing. When choosing a nice memorial stone you should think of the material (glass, wood, stone, metal), the shape, the inscription and of course the conditions of the cemetery. You can opt for a standing stone (at the end of the grave), a reclining stone (covering the entire grave) or a memorial stone (over a part of the grave).

Placing a tombstone or memorial stone is often subject to rules. These rules differ per cemetery. Requirements can be made regarding the dimensions, the material and the maintenance.

Examples of memorial monuments

We have placed a number of examples here. The models shown are just examples to get ideas. We have deliberately chosen not to place addresses of suppliers, since this section is intended solely to inform about the possibilities, without commercial ulterior motive. Many people have (rightly) no idea what is possible in this area.

Examples of burial decoration

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