Vaginal bleeding in infants - Baby menstruation

About 5 to 10 percent of newborn girls may lose some vaginal blood in the first few days after birth. This is also called 'baby menstruation'. It is a very natural process and almost always innocent. The blood loss can occur between the second and tenth day after birth and will automatically stop after a few days.

How come?

The baby menstruation is easily explained. Because of the placenta your hormones have come into her blood. Because of these hormones the uterine lining has started to grow. After the birth the supply of these hormones stops, so that the uterine lining is no longer stimulated and is slowly rejected.

What do you notice?

It is a slimy secretion with a little bit of blood. So it may be that you find some small blood stains in the diaper. Vaginal blood loss in infants eventually stops again. You do not have to do anything about it.

Can it harm?

No, this does not hurt. It is a very natural process. But if you do not trust it, it takes longer than a week, it only starts after the tenth day of life, or if the blood loss does not seem normal or very severe, contact your doctor.

Video: 01 Vaginal Bleeding

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