Heredity - Did not you let yourself be tested?

The NPV Care for life and the Erfocentrum have launched a film today with financial support from Stichting Voorzorg Utrecht to make society aware of the impact of reactions to parents who have a child with a disorder.
At a time when more and more research is being done during pregnancy, getting a child with a disability seems almost a choice. Support to parents with a child with a disability can thus become less self-evident. But nobody chooses a disability or condition. Most conditions are not tested during pregnancy.

If parents know that they expect a child with a disorder, or unexpectedly get a child with a disorder, it often follows a difficult period in which they need support and understanding. However, they are not always understood and receive reproaches and reactions such as 'that did not matter anyway' or 'did you allow yourself to be investigated?'

The NPV Care for life and the Erfocentrum want to make clear with this film the impact of negative reactions on parents and their children. They deserve respect and support from society instead of condemnation and have to defend themselves.

Video: Heredity: Crash Course Biology #9

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