Crafts - Crinkly autumn spider

It is autumn holiday! Time to go outside. But also to craft together. A great idea is to make a spider together. Spiders belong to the autumn. And immediately two birds in one blow: spiders also belong to Halloween.

You only need an empty toilet roll, pipe cleaners, paper, glue and scissors.
Oh yes, a spider has 8 legs. We know that too. So see this example mainly as a creative interpretation of the maker.


Empty toilet roll
Colored & white paper, pipe cleaners,
Scissors and glue

To work

Stick the toilet roll with colored paper. This can be of all kinds of colors, of course.
Decorate this body the way you want it: to real cross spider or scary Halloween spider. Or a very creepy, or .... Everything is possible!
Have a parent (or a larger child) poke holes in each side of the toilet roll. Use the sharp point of the scissors, for example.
Thread the pipe supports through these holes and deform the pipe carriers into real spider legs.
Finally cut out two rounds as eyes, stick them on the front & ready to decorate your house!

Video: How To Make Creepy Spider Nest Halloween Decoration!

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