What does Mothers do for mothers?

Mothers for Mothers is a national organization that collects urine from pregnant women. The hCG hormone is extracted from this urine. In the first four months of your pregnancy, this hormone is produced to a large extent. Most of it disappears through the urine.

Through a complicated procedure, where only a few grams of hormone are extracted from millions of liters of urine, a pharmaceutical company makes a medicine that is part of the treatment of infertility.

Participate in Mothers for Mothers

If you want to participate in Mothers for Mothers during the first stage of your pregnancy you save your urine in special hygienic plastic containers. For example, with your pregnancy you can help another woman who also wants to become pregnant, but needs treatment for this.
Nowadays, one in six couples is experiencing reduced fertility. Artificial fertilization can increase the chance of a pregnancy for them.

Sign Up

You can register or obtain information in the following ways:
The Mothers for Mothers website
Call the toll-free number 088 - 022 80 70

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