White clouds: A box without being a box

Witte Wolkjes makes special sweet boxes for premature babies and deceased babies. The smallest boxes deviate from the, often confrontational, standard coffin. The round basic shape of the box is a reference to the womb. This immediately gives the box a soft and friendly appearance. By making the box a Duckling, Whale, Dolphin or other figurine it is a box without being a coffin.

All under one roof

Witte Wolkjes also supplies printed matter, clothing, wrapping materials, etc. These have been specially designed and tailored to the box to create a beautiful, quiet and well-tended whole. In this way, Witte Wolkjes offers parents the opportunity for a dignified and loving farewell to their child.


Do parents have specific wishes to make the farewell more personal and appropriate to their child, Witte Wolkjes helps with a lot of love. In her own studio everything is possible as far as time allows. All products are unique, with great care, handmade!

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