The 10 nicest Sinterklaas songs

A little while and then it's again packet evening! But until the time has come, we can of course put our shoe a few times. Hoping of course that the next morning is filled by the Goedheiligman. The chance that this is really true is increased if we sing a song in the evening for Sinterklaas. But what songs does the Saint really like the most? We were looking for the ten nicest Sinterklaas songs for you! With a clip, so you can practice well!

We wonder what was in your shoes after singing these Sinterklaas songs! Let us know!

Black Pete


Sinterklaas boat

Pepernoot tough tough

I dream of Sinterklaas

Zwarte piet went out cycling

Who does not know Sinterklaas

I'm certainly not Sinterklaas

In love

Cool Piet

Tastes differ

Tastes differ, so we are very curious what your favorite Sinterklaas songs are. Let us know, especially through a comment under this text!

Video: Sinterklaas 2018 - De leukste sinterklaasliedjes compilatie

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