Maternity gift buying tips

Has someone from your area just given birth and are you looking for an original maternity gift? Once the moment is there you will find out that one buy a maternity gift sometimes more difficult than you think. Especially when you do not have children yet. Many people come on with clothes or cuddly toys, but actually they are not the most useful gifts. Read more about which gifts are always appreciated and check out our tips for unique maternity gifts. This way you can be sure that your maternity gift will not end up in the back of the closet!

Handy maternity gifts that are always good

Being original is nice, but sometimes it's the practical gifts that are most appreciated. These gifts are always needed!

  • Baby clothes

    Maybe you think in the first instance that everyone gives that and that it is absolutely not an original maternity gift. But that does not matter. A baby can do the same for at most 2 days in a row and that is more an exception than the rule. So it is useful to have a good load of clothes. Immediately saves a number of washes per week!

    Important tips for when you give baby clothes:

    • Do not buy the smallest buddy, the baby has grown out of it within a few weeks.
    • Pay attention to the seasons, even when you buy something 'on the growth'. Can the baby wear a sweater that you have bought in a few months? Then keep in mind that it is not in the middle of summer!
    • When purchasing baby clothes, consider whether you like the parents. Do not keep the mother of glitter and pink then a pink shirt with bows is probably not the best option.
    • Do not buy baby clothing with a hood, high-necked neck without buttons or something with a zipper. Babies are mainly in their beds and then comfortable clothes that can easily be pulled on and off are the most important!

    Do you really not know which baby clothes you can buy? A voucher from a nice clothing store is always good!

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  • Baby clothes: Everything from hydrophilic

    Hydrophilic is an airy and super absorbent fabric that is ideal for babies. Several things are made of this multifunctional fabric such as washcloths, fitted sheets, cloths and diapers. If you buy something from this fabric you are always good!

  • Practical and unique: a diaper pie

    Another thing that a brand new mother can never have too much: diapers. You can of course pack a pack of diapers into a nice piece of paper and give it, but that may be a bit of a crap gift. If you want to give an original maternity gift you can make a diaper cake yourself. Too much hassle (which is understandable) than you can also buy a diaper pie!

  • Buy maternity gift for mom

    You can also throw a whole new bow and not buy gifts for the baby, but a gift for the mother. The mother has obviously gone through a lot during pregnancy and childbirth. Now that the little one is there, the bags under her eyes will only grow for the time being. Help the mother relax and buy some delicious care products such as facial masks, delicious body lotion or a scrub or give her a visit to the sauna as a present.

Original baby shower gift

  • Create photo album

    Do you want the original to come out of the corner and do you have no problems with putting some time into your baby shower? Instead of buying a ready-to-use maternity gift, you can also make something.

    Consider, for example, a photo album in which you make beautiful pages in your design for special events. Like the first Christmas, birthday, steps or laughter of the child. Leave room for the parents to write something. The way you make a great photo book that comes full of memories. This will carry the child with him or her whole life.

  • Family pieces

    Is the brand new mother your sister or your daughter? Then you are completely in the opportunity to give an original and unique maternity gift, namely a family heirloom. Think of old toys from your grandmother, old books or maybe a nice cradle or rocking chair. These items have a lot of emotional value and they are also vintage and that means you immediately gave a hip baby gift! Vintage items are completely hot again!

  • Maternity gifts with name

    A maternity gift is immediately special when the name of the little sprout is on it. You can buy a maternity gift and personalize it. Consider the following items:

    • piggy banks with name;
    • Kettinkje with name;
    • cutlery;
    • silver rattle (a bit more expensive);
    • souvenir box (for the first teeth, hair lock etc);
    • diary for later.

    Always check with others, for example the mother or sisters of the mother, whether they also had the same gift in mind.

Make a nursery basket

Have you ever heard of a maternity basket? It is tradition to give the mother a maternity basket that contains about 8 to 10 maternity gifts. The intention is that the mother opens a gift every day, but of course it can also be done in one go.

In this basket you can do all maternity gifts that we have named in this blog. Try to keep the gifts varied. Give you the maternity basket with other ladies, then agree who gives what. And do not forget to add a few gifts for the mother and father!

So you know for sure that it gives a good maternity gift

Do you really want to do it right? Then ask the mother for a wishlist. A baby needs a lot of stuff and it can be that the mother likes it when she gets a few things from her friends or family. That way she does not have to buy everything herself.Maybe she is waiting for a good breast pump rather than just another hug.
So asking for a wish list is always the best with one buy a maternity gift.

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