Training schedule for pregnant women and good workout videos

It is extremely important to stay healthy during your pregnancy and also to ensure that you do not get too much. That is sometimes easier said than done (believe me: I know). One way to keep your weight and health in balance is through movement. Some people are already moving a lot of themselves. Others need a small helping hand. I had that too. I love to play at home, so that's why I started looking for good training videos for pregnant women that I can do at home. How do you get your movement? Read my tips for a good training schedule for pregnant women.

Start moving when you are pregnant

Being pregnant is no excuse to cram everything in your mouth. Because what arrives during your pregnancy will have to be done again. Being pregnant is not an excuse to lie on the couch for evenings. In fact, you do your body, your health and your baby a lot of fun when you get moving.
Starting on a completely new running schedule in the second quarter is not a very good idea. But you can start moving during your pregnancy, even though you were not one of the most active people on earth for your pregnancy.

Ways to move

Exercising or exercising is not necessary at all in the gym. If you like that, then you should mainly walk on the treadmill, spin or hang on the (light) weights. Not everyone likes working in the sweat in a gym, I hear that too. Alternatives are:

  • Walking, cleaning, gardening or cycling. Do this at such a rate that your heart rate is clearly increased and you can not sing a song.
  • Swimming: swimming is one of the best sports you can do during your pregnancy. Nice weightless!
  • Maternity fitness: in every village and every city you can find a whole range of maternity fitness, maternity gym, fit or yoga.
  • Work at home: long live YouTube and the free workout videos!

Good online workout videos for during pregnancy

I like sports, but in my own home gym. In this home gym I have already followed many training schedules from my laptop. I am a member of a platform that is full of workout videos. From cardio to strength training, dancing and HIIT training. Really amazing.

Unfortunately, they do not actually have a real training schedule for pregnant women there. So I had to think of an alternative. At the moment I still follow a regular training program, but I only adjust certain exercises.
But when I have reached the 25 weeks, I switch back to a training schedule that is specially designed for pregnant women who like a challenge. I will come back to this later.

Training schedule for pregnant women video series

Would you like to work at home just like me? Then I have a few workout videos here that can be done during your pregnancy!

  • Bodyfit by Amy: Amy has various training programs and also a number of prenatal workouts (training for pregnant women). She has a bodyweight workout, cardio workout, strenght workout (strength training), Pilates, Kickboxing, Kettlebell, Core (abdominals), stretch and much more.

    All her workouts you can almost complete your entire pregnancy. They are suitable for all levels and often take no longer than 20 minutes. If you want to get started with her videos, you can alternate the best cardio with strength training and at least once a week do stretching or yoga exercises.
  • Denise Austin workouts: Denise Austin workouts are very suitable for beginners. These exercises are very easy, but very good for you. Personally, I find the training a bit too easy.
  • Be Fit, What to expect when you 're expecting: These workouts are comparable in level to' BodyFit by Amy 'but just a little bit harder. Perfect for the ladies who are used to doing some exercise in free time.

    The Be Fit training sessions are nicely varied, such as a dance workout, Baby Bumb Boot Camp workout, pilates dance workout, yoga, core and a training for legs and butt (legs and buttocks). Do you want to start with this. Then first do the Baby Bumb Bootcamp, then the dance workout, Yoga, Legs and Butt and as last pilates dance workout. You have done 5 days of sports, and believe me: you feel really good.

DVD with a training program during and after pregnancy

On the DVD: Baby2Body - Fit during and after pregnancy also workouts are shown and in addition you also get nutrition tips. And it is even possible to get online advice. With the Baby2Body program it is indicated that you are in shape sooner after delivery. Which young mother does not want that?

Training schedule for the fanatical pregnant ladies

Have you been practicing fanatically at least 3 times a week? Do you want to be challenged during your pregnancy? Then I found a very good online training schedule for you. I followed this in my first trimester and pick it up again later.

Personally, I am a fan of this training schedule. The workouts are tasty and challenging. In addition, there are also really good exercises to keep your body strong and prepare you for the pregnancy.

The training schedule comes from Glow Body PT and is composed by ex marine Ashley. I came to her when I saw her in the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge on Spike. Her schedule starts at the 8th week of your pregnancy, and continues until the 32 week. You train about 20 to 30 minutes 5 times a week.

Training schedule for pregnant women but not for beginners

Note: this scheme is not really suitable for beginners. You certainly have to have a good sporting base because they are quite challenging workouts. Listen to your body very well during exercise and read a pause if it becomes too much for you.

For example, if you can not catch your breath, you are dizzy or start to see black before your eyes. But that seems logical to me. Is the schedule too heavy? Please do not feel rotten! For a few years I sported a lot of fanatics for my pregnancy and I also think it's pretty spicy! In any case, do not give up and simply switch to one of the other workout videos on YouTube.

Here is a link to her training program:

You probably will not have noticed that all workout videos are in English. Unfortunately, that is no different. I have not yet been able to find online training courses for pregnant women in Dutch.

What are you going to do?

I am really curious what you are going to do to keep moving during pregnancy. Do you have good tips? Please share them. Do you also let me know how the workout videos like this blog?

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