Baby room decor? Follow these 5 handy steps!

As a brand new mother, you are of course on a pink cloud. Delicious, such a sweet little one on the way. But there is also a lot involved. Which pram do you choose? Will your child go to a day care center? How many clothes do you buy? Which diapers are the best? And how are you going to do the baby room decor to do? For the last question we have put 5 handy tips at a glance. So you and your baby will soon enjoy a beautiful baby room!

1. Determine which room the baby room will be

Maybe you only have one extra room. Then it is immediately clear what the baby room will be. Do you have several rooms at your disposal? Then choose the room that is closest to your own bedroom. In all likelihood you have to go to the baby regularly at night and then it is nice if you are quickly out and back in bed. Moreover, you hear the baby so well, even without a baby monitor.

2. Select the color palette

It may be tempting to immerse yourself in the 'baby bubble', but it is still smart to think about the long term. Choose a base of neutral colors so that after a few years you do not have to give the whole room a make-over. Then dress the room with more baby vibes with accessories (cuddly toys, photo frames with beautiful prints, etc.)

3. Dress up the floor and walls

Think also in the long term and go for a timeless decoration. Vinyl and carpet are soft and slip-proof. Vinyl has the added advantage that it is clean in no time. Handy if your child has used the floor as a coloring page. Also for the walls you choose the best for a neutral color. Are you handy? Then you can work with wallpaper for the baby room and in due time replace it with another wallpaper. Not so handy? You can brighten up a neutral wall with beautiful wall stickers! You stick it like that and take it off just as easily!

4. Make an inventory of which furniture you need

The most important pieces of furniture are the baby cot (with a good mattress), the chest of drawers and a wardrobe. Start with this. Then play with the baby in the room and the diaper must change or the baby in bed (for example, with a hug or pillow that serves as "baby"). Can you walk to the bed without any obstacles? Can you easily go to the wardrobe if you have changed the diaper?
Is there sufficient storage space for nappies and talcum powder within reach? Is the heating not too close to the bed? Based on this practice round you can determine the ideal design and you know whether you have to purchase additional furniture or shelves and the like.

5. Baby room decor, choose accessories!

If the basis is, it is time for the icing on the cake: the decoration! Beautiful photo frames, cuddly toys, accessories - you can design the baby look to your liking. Also look for fun storage (boxes, baskets) with which you can quickly pick up toys. On Pinterest you will find plenty of inspiration for the decoration!

Finally, start on time. Of course you do not want any paint or wallpaper air in the room when your baby comes home. Have fun with the baby room decor!

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