Twenty weeks pregnant, on the tip of the mountain!

I've been 20 weeks pregnant already! This really feels like a huge milestone. I am half of this impressive and wonderful journey. A lot is going to change. I'm really going to feel my baby now, my belly is going to take serious proportions and I'm going to weigh the last bit. And they are going to be very heavy. On to the descent!

Highlight reached

Do you know how I see this milestone of the 20th week of my pregnancy? As if I arrived at the top of the mountain. In the past 20 weeks I have tried to push myself forward on a high mountain. Especially the beginning was bumpy, difficult and annoying. The last part was fairly easy, but it took longer than I initially expected. Sometimes things went fast, sometimes a week felt like a month.

I was constantly waiting. Waiting for the first ultrasound, waiting for the moment that I was told if there was a child in my stomach or not. Then wait for the next ultrasound, around 12 weeks, in which I would be told whether I could continue or discontinue my course. I found all echoes mega exciting.

Meanwhile, I was overwhelmed by annoying and nasty pregnancy symptoms such as overactive bladder, nausea and fatigue that made my days slow and heavy. After my second ultrasound, I was awaiting again. When would I be released from those annoying ailments that are characteristic of the first trimester?

The second trimester

Finally there was the second trimester and I slowly felt my energy flow back again. The road on the mountain became flatter, there were fewer rocks and I had more air again. I enjoyed this for a moment, but then a new impatience began to grow. When would that pregnancy belly become visible? I was ready for it, but there was not really anything to see yet. This took a long time.

Fortunately, there was the 16-week ultrasound, where I and my husband were told that we would have a little girl. This moment, this piece on the mountain, felt like a moment in the sun. Surrounded by heather flowers and a fresh breeze. Wonderfully airy, a moment of peace and pleasure. But we had to continue.

And now, 4 weeks after my last ultrasound, I am finally at the top. I can now look back on the journey I have made and smile. The hardest part is, now the descent starts.

On to the descent

I'm not saying that the next 20 weeks will be an egg. Certainly not. I do not know if you've walked down a whole lot of times? That can be very tiring and heavy, and that is also what I expect from my descent. I expect that the first piece will be fairly easy, with many moments when I can enjoy the sun, the flowers and the view of what is to come. Now the nice moments come. I start to feel our little girl a little bit. That will soon become more and more. Those first moments will be great.

My pregnancy belly will become more and more visible, while it will still not make my trip difficult. I will enjoy that too. But I know that the further I go down, the fewer sunny moments I will have. I will encounter deeper valleys of sleepless nights, swollen ankles, band pain and hard bellies. Yet I do know that I am almost there. I am almost over the mountain and can almost start with a great new life that lies ahead.

Look forward

The thoughts that I have reached the top now and start with the descent, really helps me not to think: 'Jeetje zeg, I still have 20 weeks'. But to think: 'Yes, only 20 weeks!'
I am now almost certain that in 20 weeks I will welcome a little girl in my life. We have had the 20 weeks ultrasound and she is completely healthy and already moving a lot. She has no abnormalities which means that the pregnancy has to be aborted.

This science gives me a lot of rest. She's really coming! How exciting!

More first the descent and try to really enjoy the beautiful moments that are coming.

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