10 minutes rule in babies

It is a controversial rule, but it can sometimes really help: the 10 minutes rule in babies. In short, it means that you let your baby cry for 10 minutes before you go to your child again. Some parents find this a cruel rule, but there are also parents who certainly benefit from it. After a few nights they can already notice that their baby is falling asleep sooner. Read more about this here 10 minutes method in babies and sleep training.

What does the 10 minute rule in babies mean?

The 10 minute rule in babies means that you let your baby cry for 10 minutes before you go back to it. It goes like this:

  • You bring your baby to bed. It is best to do this if your baby is sleepy, but does not cry. Also make sure that your baby has a clean diaper and has just had a diet. Then put your baby in well.
  • When your baby starts to cry you wait 10 minutes before you watch.
  • After the 10 minutes line you go to your baby. Keep the lights off and do not take your baby out of the cot. Try to avoid eye contact, do not say anything but make a soothing sound. Give a pat on the ball, check that your baby is not too hot or too cold or a dirty diaper. Then stop him well afterwards and leave again.
  • When your baby starts crying again, wait 10 minutes before you go and repeat the above steps.

What are the advantages of the 10-minute method?

The 10-minute method has helped many parents to reduce the bags under their eyes. Some babies find sleep alone and do not suffer from sleep problems. The result is that they keep crying and you can whistle to your hours in dreamland. The goal of the 10 minute rule and this form of sleep training is that you let your baby feel that you are still there. You take away this fear by showing your face from time to time and subtly noticing your presence. The other goal is that your baby will see the bed as a safe place to sleep. After all, the parents are still in the neighborhood, so everything is fine. In that respect, the 10-minute rule is a kind of sleep training.

Important points to take into account during this sleep training method

Recognize the kind of crying of your baby

Before you start with the 10 minute rule, it is essential that you recognize the different types of crying of your baby. Babies can cry because they are hungry, experience pain, discomfort or just want attention. For example, if your baby is screaming persistently, then your child may be in pain, and then you really have to go to it. Only when you can clearly hear that your baby is crying because he wants attention or just does not want to sleep (whine or whine), do you apply the method.

Do not bring your child upset to bed

Another important rule is that you put your baby to bed at the right time. So not at the moment that your baby is on the rpm. Pay close attention to the body signals of your baby that indicate that he is tired.

Any teething or other ailments

If your baby has teeth coming through, is sick or suffers from colic, your child can cry more. Especially a sick baby may have a little more attention and love. Then also wait with the 10 minute rule.

10 minutes method baby from what age?

It is not wise to apply the method directly to your newborn baby. Your baby cries unconsciously in the first 6 months and not for a specific purpose. If your baby is older than 6 months, your child has developed certain reaction patterns. Your child can then increasingly establish a link between crying and parents who come running immediately. You could start with this method of sleep training from 6 months onwards.

10 minutes rule apply baby from what age? Only from 6 months onwards does a baby realize that there is a reaction as a result of his action. Therefore it is better not to start the 10 minute line of sleep training.

10 minutes method toddler

The 10 minutes line is mainly used in babies. It is better to start with sleep training earlier than in later life. But it can happen that your toddler or toddler do not want to close their eyes in bed. You could try this 10 minute method, although not much has been described about the 10 minute rule in toddlers or a toddler.

What can be very useful with a toddler is a sleep trainer, this is a special alarm clock that helps children who can not watch the clock to understand from what time you have to go to sleep and what time you can get out of bed.
A handy overview of sleep trainers can be found via this link.

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