Explanation about the opening up of the uterus during delivery

What are the different types of contractions and what are they for? In this beautiful video, Liz Chalmers from New Zealand explains to her niece what the different contractions are for during the birth and how they contribute to the digestion of the uterus.
She uses a balloon and a ping-pong ball to show the effect.

Disruption of the uterus

Before uterine digestion occurs, the cervix must first flatten down week and later. The cervix is โ€‹โ€‹by nature a sort of tute and the tissue is stiff. In each woman the length of the cervix is โ€‹โ€‹different, but on average about 3 cm. Because of the first contractions (Braxton-Hick contractions), the cervix becomes week. This can take quite a long time with a first child (read hours). You may think that there is no shot during delivery during this practice, but this is a very important process and requires time.

Usually the contractions are regular but not as intense and as frequent as during the opening phase. In this beautiful video the opening of the uterus is shown with the help of a balloon.

Video explanation about the digestion of the uterus

This particular video has already been viewed by more than 2 million people on Facebook. It clearly shows what happens in the different contractions.

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The opening up of the uterus is an important phase during the delivery and through this clear explanation you can better understand what exactly is happening. And why it can take a long time before you go to the actual phase of expansion from this phase.

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